Saturday, January 8, 2011

IntroDuction About Myself...

I`m Natasha from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, By The way before this i already had Malay Blog, but not really xtive and dont have any idea to write.
After a few time i`m was thinking about this blogger benefits i`m try make blog with Inggeris version, by the my inggeris not really fluent but for mak imporve and study inggeris i will try my best to do writing in Inggeris....
Over here bfore i`m starting my blog i will intro myself first:
         Name : Natasha
         Age    : 22
         Location: Malaysia
         Status : Single
         City : Kuala Lumpur

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-aNida OtHmaN- said...

weh bila plak ang diberanak tahun 1989???? kan ke sama ngan aku???? ehehehehehe